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Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 Trick Get Token Emblem Legally Ninja Saga [ Full Tutorial ]

Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
Ok Guys, Don't Dwell on the url in the address bar yea .. XD. Today I'll share How to Get Emblem or Token Legally. Tricks that I'll give this very easy and 1000% Not SCAM, Just joined with Virurl. Here I'll give Full trick include tutorial Open Paypal Account. Ok go directly to the scene !

Tutorial Join Virurl :
  1. Login to your Facebook Account
  2. Go to Virurl (click here)
  3. To Sigup or Sigin click this Button
    Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
  4. Allow to login with you Facebook account
    Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
  5. Then Click Sigin using your facebook Account
  6. For Tutorial Earn $ show the Spoiler below ! 
Tutorial Earn
To Get $0.50 you must Share your referal Url to your Friend
Invite your friend become your downline
Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
Note: Don't change proxy to Sign Up using your own referral link

Payment Preview and Tutorial Open Paypal Acount :
Just Click the Spoiler below !!
Payment Tutorial Full
My account Preview is Below
Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
Paypal Payment Proof is Below
Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
Tutorial Open Paypal Account

Tutorial Step-by-Step Open Paypal Account

>  Click the “Sign Up Today” here.

On the choice of type of account form, select the "Premier". This type of account has the most advantages.
 tutorial sigup paypal
Enter the personal data of data such as full name, email, address, no. phone.
Email will be the username you use to login to PayPal. (Later you can get another email, the Mass if you have more than one email.) Make sure when filling out age should be set 18thn / 1992.

Click “Agree and Create Account”.
tutorial sigup paypal

If you do not have a credit card or VCC, click "Go To My Account" (in the lower left corner)
tutorial sigup paypal
> Without Credit Card, Now click "Go To My Account" <

PayPal will send a confirmation to your email. Please open your email, and click the confirmation link sent by PayPal. Login by entering your password then your PayPal account ready for use.
Note: Your paypal account number is the email that you used when List.

Put your Paypal Email to Virurl for Redeem your Money :

Trick Get Token Emblem Legally
Note: Click Withdraw Then Redeem using Paypal methode if you have $5.00 or more
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Select Charity itu apa ?

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cari ajh d google :D

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klo gk masuk gimana?

Bayu Setiawan said...

masih work gak??
udah ane follback ya gan :D

Siky Hackerz said...

100% copas ya gan, kasi link idup ke sumber asli'a donk ...

hargai susahnya ngetik nih artikel :D

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cra nginvite temen nya gmna ..
terus di tutorial earn nya yg ribet ..
saya belum ngerti gan ..
tolong donk penjelesannya ..

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