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Saturday, June 30, 2012

0 All Tailed Beast Ancestors Level 1 | Father's Day Event

The new event in Ninja Saga has started, the Father's Day Event. In this event you can exchange Tailed Spirit to gen Tailed Beast Pet, but it's Limited. Ok use this hack for easily to get Tailed Spirit ( One Hit Kill Tailed Beast Ancestors " All level 1"). Let's try it !

Tutorial :
  1. Download Fiddler2 >> Instal
    (If you already have Fiddler don't do it)
  2. Download the Swf File in Sharebeast
    (Just click the Download Btn at the Right) 
  3. Open Fiddler 2 >> Drag the Swf File
  4. Now Must "Clear Chache" Your Browser
  5. Go to Ninja Saga
  6. Go to Father's Day Event or Hunting House
  7. Kill All Tailed Beast Ancestor for Easy
  8. Collect Tailed Spirits, and exchange it to get Taild Beast pet 
  9. Let's try, Enjoy ! ( Happy Cheatings... )
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