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Monday, August 27, 2012

3 Update All Hair Style Ninja Saga | August 2012

Sorry because I can Up to date working on hack. Some people tell me update this hack, I know the location Style Shop is now in Shop. This hack is now added new hair style olympic, 0 Token to use it "Free User can use for free". Ok. check it out !

Tutorial :
  1. Download Fiddler2 >> Instal
    (If you already have Fiddler don't do it)
  2. Download the Swf File in Mediafire
    (Just click the Download Btn) 
  3. Open Fiddler 2 >> Drag the Swf File
  4. Now Must "Clear Chache" Your Browser
  5. Go to Ninja Saga
  6. Select Character your character
  7. Find what are the Features of this Cheat in .text file
  8. Let's try, Enjoy ! ( Happy Cheatings... )
Tutorial Clear Chache :
  • Google chrome: click CTRL + Shift + Delete >> check Empty Chache
    >> Clear Browsing Data
  • Mozilla firefox : click CTRL + Shift + Delete >> cleck Chache >> Clear Now
Credit: Siky Hackerz
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