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Sunday, May 6, 2012

0 Angry Birds Power-ups Hack Mei 2012

The Angry Birds Power-Up Cheat is still undetected even after Facebook released it's brand new anti cheat code. Our coder still has a perfect bypass and all other hacks from other websites are getting detected by the new anti cheat. This is for now the only Angry Birds Hack for Power-ups in the world. So if you want to have more fun playing Angry Birds, if you want to be the best player among your Facebook friends download this hack below!

1. Start the Angry Birds Power-ups Hack v1.0

2. Type in your Facebook E-mail

3. Choose how many of every Power-up you want.

4. Click "Generate" and after the progress is complete click on "Close" button.

5. Go to Angry Birds on your Facebook account.

To download the one and only Angry Birds Power-ups Hack v1.0 you have to complete a survey.

If you get surveys in which you have type in name, address, phone number and etc. you don't have to type in YOUR information, as long the information is VALID you will unlock the survey. I always use my neighbors address etc.. And make sure each page loads all the way.

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