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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

0 Update Cheat Pet Society Cheats Cash Bundle

Cheat Pet Society Cheats Cash Bundle !!

Tools :

Tutor :
-Download Database from the links above.
-Open fiddler and replace the below files. The rule editor are as required. If you do not know how to replace, read the Tool's Tutorial from the link above.
(ShopMarket.dat for thurs-sun)
(ShopMarket.dat for mon-wed)
Note: Just use both regex and replace it with the same ONE file that you downloaded from the links above. Both regex are for ShopMarket, but it changes so depending on the day of the week, use either one.. !!
-Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
-Now just go to Shop Market and BUY BUY BUy

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