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Saturday, December 10, 2011

0 (Update Cheat Cross Fire) sPeciaL Damage + NO Reload + Speed + Etc HacX

Coded By : BlackLite ,Ardhi
Some Help : Giniyat202


Pass : www.rusdi-nice.blogspot.com

Just PUT " sxs.dll " in crossfire and start " patcher_cf.exe " up

Feature's :
-Instant Weapon Reload
-Instant Weapon Change
-No Weapon Weight for delay
-No Knock Back
-High weapon Damage 50%
-No Weapon Weight
-No Fall Damage
-No Zone Damage
-See Ghost
-Fast C4 Defuse
-Fast C4 PLant Time
-Less Recoil
-Less Spread
-Knife to Shovel
-M16 to AK-47 Knife
-Crouch Speed 2x
-Speed Hack 2X

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